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Allegra Paris

Founder and designer, Allegra Paris Fasulo, started Allegra Paris in 2017 as a blog and platform for her fitness modeling.

As a child, Allegra was very hands-on, constantly painting, cutting, and sewing clothing for her family and friends. An entrepreneur at heart, like her parents, Allegra began to sell her own fashion inventions at the age of 8.

After finishing her senior year at the Fashion Institute of Technology, she began working on Allegra Paris Swim, her first swimwear line that was made up of hand-painted, white swimsuits.

After selling out the first collection, she was inspired to start an activewear line to tie in all of her passions: fitness, clothing, and art.

Allegra is now a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and fitness model in NYC alongside designing new collections and expanding the overall brand.

Allegra Paris Active embodies the concept of athleisure, providing support & stretch for a workout, as well as style for everyday wear.  Each piece is resilient yet firm to flatter the body's natural curves and movement.

Allegra Paris Swim brings the idea of athleisure to swimwear.  None of the designs involve padding or underwire; instead, they're constructed to hug your figure in the right places to enhance any body type, like activewear would.

Within each collection are hand-painted, completely original pieces.  Instead of mass-producing the same designs, each garment is exclusively designed and painted by Allegra to be one-of-a-kind and unique to you!